The View From Your Recession

A reader writes:

I'm the first-ever web editor for my company, which is in trade publishing and currently converting all print items to digital. I haven't been laid off (yet) and my company hasn't gone bankrupt (yet), but my fiancee works in bankruptcy and restructuring for an international law firm and gets daily reports on companies that are "on and off the ladder," meaning they could go under at any timeĀ -- my company is on that list.

The VP of HR "left to pursue other career interests" last Friday, and they just laid off people in our New York, Boston, Cleveland, Duluth, MN and Encino, CA offices today. Fortunately, I made the cut today. But I feel like I'm on a reality show, were every week someone else gets eliminated. I feel as if today I received a rose to move on to the next round as the head of the company said "will you stay here with me and continue to Web my world?" If alliances had any influence, I'd be making them right now.