The Use Of A Child, Ctd

A reader writes:

There’s one aspect to her last pregnancy that has always bothered me. Why would someone who is so pro-family, “children are a gift from God”, etc. hide her pregnancy for seven months?  It couldn’t have been her role as Governor, as 1) she knew it would have to come out (no pun intended) eventually, 2) it could be (and was) used as positive political PR, and 3) since she’s on a “mission from God”, nothing would touch her politically, especially a baby.  So why hide it for seven months from everyone around her? It just doesn’t make any sense. If her staff knew, but kept quiet due to Sarah’s wishes, that I could understand and believe. But they were as shocked as anyone else. Why is she so proud of Trig now but not so proud then? Why the 180° turn seven months later?

Another writes:

There are many reasons to question the birth story of Trig Palin. To date I have not seen one that remarks how much it is like the story of the birth of Pat Summitt's son.  Just no private jet, and a lot longer flight.  If you are looking for a potential source, here's one that's been published and recounted numerous times on TV.  What better model of a female leader could one want to draw on to draw for comparison?

From a profile of Tyler Summitt:

Pat Summitt was at Michelle Marciniak’s home in Pennsylvania in 1990, recruiting her eventual point guard when she went into labor with Tyler. She caught a quick flight to Knoxville to ensure her son would be born in Tennessee.