The Real Issue: The Embargo, Ctd

Yaacov Lozowick wants Bibi to make a speech about the purpose of the Gaza blockade:

There are some fights Israel can win, others that are hopeless - and there may be a very small group that seem hopeless but are so crucial we'll have to fight for them no matter what. The malignant idea that dividing Jerusalem will bring peace may be one of those.

The blockade of Gaza, however, isn't. To the best of my knowledge no Israeli government since the onset of the blockade in early 2006 has clearly stated what it's for, what it's intended to achieve, and what benchmarks are in use to determine its extent, duration, and eventual lifting. It started, I think, as a response to the electoral victory of Hamas; it was strengthened, if memory serves, after the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit; it has been tightened or loosened in some form of correspondence to the rocket fire from Gaza. At one point Ehud Olmert, then prime minister, said clearly that the blockade would be lifted when Shalit came home; if that's the policy still then it isn't about smuggling weapons - but perhaps the policy has changed. I honestly don't think it has ever been publicly discussed.

And what does that tell you about Israel's long-term strategy? Or total lack of one?