The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we focused most of our attention on the flotilla fiasco. Reax here. Passengers spoke out, a commando was quoted, the Turkish PM fumed, Israel's foreign minister stood firm, Washington went along, Bibi's cabinet appeared in disarray, the Mossad chief chimed in, Ahmadi smirked, Sarah Palin twittered, and Ha'aretz huffed. Andrew raged against the necon response, David Grossman anguished over the actions of Israel, Bernard Henri-Levy lamented the media fallout, Packer piled on, Beinart blamed the embargo, Jim Henley acknowledged US impotence, and Michael Rubin shrugged at the death toll. Chait mostly concurred with the Dish, McArdle did as well, and a reader not so much. Drezner compared Israel to North Korea, Robert Mackey brought up the Exodus, and Exum provided some dark humor.

Oil leak updates here, here, and here. Joyner assessed the latest death of al-Qaeda's No. 3, Exum protested over the perception of drone kills in Pakistan, Joel Wing saw some signs of optimism in Iraq, and Michael Yon was not hopeful about Afghanistan. The Malawi couple was pardoned but still in peril.  Al and Tipper split.

Jesse Zwick gushed over Jindal, Greenwald went after Ron Paul's critics, and rapper M.I.A. went to war with a journalist. A reader shared some expertise on job hunting. This photo of a sinkhole in Guatemala City is unbelievable. Malkin Award here, epic SATC2 review here, MHB here, and incredible stunt here. More Dishness here and a dose of Ptown here.

-- C.B.