The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we discovered that an American died on the flotilla and that Israel backpedaled on its claims of an Al Qaeda connection. Yaacov Lozowick called on Bibi to make the case for the blockade and Wieseltier responded to the row. Dissent of the day here. Andrew despaired over the Church's decision to target gays in the workplace. Bush said he'd torture again.

In Gulf coverage, Michael Coren wondered if BP's gonna pay up, John Calfree explained the downside of investigating them, Dickerson and Lehrer thought about thinking about the spill, and Copyranter went to town on the company's PR campaign. Palin penned the foreword for a think tank study, the Wasilla paper apologized to McGinniss, and Sarah haunted Andrew's dreams.

In assorted commentary, Douthat delved into the finer points of empathy, Andrew and Dreher discussed tradition and culture, Andrew addressed the rudeness of Brits in pop culture, Virginia Postrel processed Obama's glamor, Steinglass studied the shifts in Western conservatism, Liz Halloran tallied up the new women running in the GOP, and the Economist imagined car-less cities. Nate Silver made a deal with the NYT and Taegan Goddard shared his thoughts. The Dish recognized the Green Movement's birthday.

Malkin awards here and here. More retirement talk here. Readers kept the job-hunting talk going and Drum chimed in. Another serving of crack and cleavage here and another dose of Dishness here. MHB here, VFYW from Israel here, and FOTD here. Feel-good video here. And one of Andrew getting tackled by his beagles here.

-- C.B.