The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew laid into BP, demanded the full footage of the flotilla, spotlighted an empty apology from Israel, and went to bat for whistleblowers and Wikileaks. Beinart detailed the Israel-evangelical nexus and readers sounded off on his plea for Gilad Shalit. We also touched upon the Helen Thomas row and caught Palin in another lie.

In assorted coverage, tea-partiers started to get serious on military spending, Andrew Exum slapped his forehead over Fiorina, Bernstein further pegged the GOP as the party of torture, and Andrew Revkin kept a close eye on BP. Ezra Klein laid out his budget strategy, Greenwald had a field day with White House reporters Super-soaking with top officials, Chris Beam lampooned political scientists, Kinsely weighed in on worst case scenarios, Douthat looked for a silver lining in the potential Newsmax-Newsweek deal, and Yglesias predicted an army of elder bloggers.

Andrew and a reader discussed Palin's broken Christianity, another reader endorsed a quieter faith, and Stephen Prothero supported a similar non-faith. Elle renewed the debate over male reproductive rights, Sady Doyle downplayed the perils of hooking up, Laura Vanderkam vouched for working in pajamas, Jonah Lehrer gazed into our memories, Nick Carr garnered a bunch of attention, and a reader shared her recession.

Catholic WTF here. A cool ad for gay marriage here. Hot beard action here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. Details about a new Dish feature here.

-- C.B.