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Today on the Dish we covered the president's big Gulf speech. Larger reax here, a reader reaction here, and the Oil Drum explained why the gusher is growing. Netanyahu budged a bit on the Gaza blockade. Closing coverage of the Prop 8 trial here and here. Andrew lauded the forefather of the gay rights movement, James Risen lashed out at bloggers, Drum diagnosed the Tea Party, and a reader dissented over Andrew's diagnosis.

In Palin coverage, O'Reilly put some heat on her, a reader shrugged, Patt Morrison was outraged over her attempt to exploit Thatcher, and Scott Morgan gave her props over pot tolerance. Tons of Wasilla gossip here and here.

In Cup coverage, Drezner wondered when the US will seize upon soccer and Yglesias responded. Get your vuvuzela fix here and here. Senior citizen prognosticating here and here. People were flooding into Texas. In assorted commentary, Tim Kowal cornered op-ed writers on the Middle East, Jay Rosin put the press corps under a microscope, Cameron Abadi looked at Neda's doppelganger, Yglesias defended gerrymandering, and Robin Hanson talked celebrities and evolution.

Gaga is still no Madonna. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

-- C.B.

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