The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, we passed along BP's latest duplicity on the extent of the leak, processed the easing of the Gaza blockade, spotlighted the latest evils to emerge over Maciel, and blogged the tweeting of an execution in Utah. The new coalition in Britain laid out its views on gay equality while Kagan stiffed gay rights. A view of the violence in Afghanistan here.

BP also burned turtles alive. Michael Barone backed Barton and Reihan did as well (but soon followed up). Crist could be coming back from the political dead because of "Drill Baby Drill". Palin wanted to pray the leak away.

Chait pushed for the EPA to bypass Congress on climate change and worried about Sharron Angle. Frum predicted that the Tea Pary will lose the GOP seats, Ariel Levy put her money on Huckabee in '12, and Larison poured cold water on Palin's chances. Kinsley criticized Krugman over the debt. Friedersdorf blegged over what could replace local newspapers and a reader responded.

In other commentary, Steven Berlin Johnson critiqued Nick Carr's new book, Evgeny Morozov went toe-to-toe with Clay Shirky over his new book, Shirky sounded off on the publishing industry, Wilkinson countered Bryan Caplan over having lots of kids, and Dreher felt sorry for child geniuses.

World Cup crack here and here. Uber pwnage of a politician here, delicious unicorns here, and Bieber-looking lesbian coverage here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. Andrew gave Hildog some love.

-- C.B.