The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, General McChrystal's comments created a firestorm in the blogosphere. Even Kristol felt he should resign. Andrew's take here and here. Stephen Biddle looked on the bright side of Afghanistan and the Texas GOP went off the deep end. BP took its PR to Twitter, the Big Picture took stock of the spill, and another worst case scenario emerged. We chronicled another odd lie.

In assorted coverage, Saletan studied the blood ban for gays, Adam Serwer antagonized the GOP over Faisal Shahzad's guilty plea, Plumer preferred climate change legislation over EPA intervention, Chris Good looked ahead on Prop 8, Steinglass suggested decriminalization over legalization, and Friedersdorf praised Continetti for having the courage to say that Roosevelt wasn't a fascist dictator.

In other commentary, Jonah Lehrer disagreed with Clay Shirky over cultural consumption, Steven Zeitchik noted a surge of kid movies, a Dish reader cheered them on, and cancer survivor Ananda Shankar Jayant shared her love for dancing. Readers continued the discussion on public executions and others contributed to the fall of the fourth estate. Seth Masket wondered why the right hates soccer. Incredible goal here.

Von Hoffman award here and cool ad here. Ex-gay hathos here, Haggard's tweets here, and Colbert bait here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. The latest winner of the VFYW contest here.

-- C.B.