The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew spoke ill of Senator Byrd, readers dissented en masse, and Nick Gillespie pushed back. Due credit to Byrd on the Iraq war here. Andrew fisked Douthat over reasons to stay in Afghanistan, called out Cantor on the deficit, and commented further on the Weigel-WaPo row. Dave spoke out. Dissension in the Vatican here. Get your Palin fix here and a huge dose of Trig-gate here.

The nationalism of the World Cup explored here, here, and here. More Cup coverage here, here, and here. The blogosphere slowed down and the iPhone's phone continued to falter.

In assorted commentary, Kristol hearted Obama on Afghanistan, George Will invoked Vietnam, Joel Wing checked in on Iraq oil, Marc Lynch addressed the Islamic threat, and Beinart looked past the Tea Party to see the government's success. Laura Freschi tackled the source of food aid, Hale Stewart worried about housing, and Greg Beato was barraged by ads. Robert Stacy McCain had some wise words on the stigmatizing of reporting by conservatives, TNC talked journalist discourse, and Politico accidentally spoke the truth on access. A reader compared McChrystal and Barry Bonds and another called out conservatives who demonize libertarians.

Hewitt Award here and Malkin here. Hathos here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. Andrew punted on the female orgasm.

-- C.B.