The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Palin shut out even conservative bloggers, Sharron Angle tried to hide her real views on abortion, and the Palin campaign model metastasized. Taibbi pwned Lara Logan, Pareene called out an LA Times blogger, a CNN reporter chose access over reporting, and a reader nailed the insecurity of MSM reporters. Friedersdorf wanted to drop the topic of Trig, readers disagreed, and Bernstein went another round. Douthat defended himself on Afghanistan. Empire watch here.

In Cup coverage, Dayo Olopade saw a surge in pan-African pride. More soccer fodder here, here, and here. The Economist examined the blackmailing of journalists' opinions, Fallows explored the end of privacy, a reader wondered why anyone trusts the secrecy of email, and Greg Marx explained the necessary intimacy of blogging. John Hawkins didn't think Frum was sufficiently conservative and Frum replied.

In other commentary, Gail Dines baited Douthat with porn, Tony Woodlief praised parenting, Free Exchange suggested that the gays could make better parents, and Dylan Matthews balanced Social Security. Hewitt Award here, a recession view here, and a glimpse at guerrilla gardening here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. The latest Window View winner here.

-- C.B.