The Animal That Masturbates, Ctd

A reader writes:

While there is some debate as to whether or not homosexuality is common in the natural world, there is no debate that masturbation is incredibly common. Masturbation is literally as common as the birds and the bees - while I don't know if bees masturbate, I keep parrots, and can attest that with birds masturbation is commonplace. (I have had a male parrot masturbate to ejaculation on my shoulder.) Dolphins masturbate. Dogs masturbate. And, of course, primates masturbate. Anything that is common across a wide range of species is by definition natural.

Another writes:

Here is a walrus having a "private moment" in public.  As YouTube fodder goes, this is aces!


Since you appear to be on a jag, the YouTube video [above] is one of my favorites on the subject.


I believe that the behavior described by your reader is what the biologist George Schaller termed "penis mouthing." The goat isn't masturbating; it's peeing in its own mouth so that it can drench its beard and body with urine to better attract females with its pungent odor. 

That has to be my favorite correction/amplification in the ten year history of the Dish.