The American View Of Soccer, Ctd

A reader writes:

And I for one don’t want soccer in the US to become as popular as the NFL or even basketball. I love that I can buy a season ticket package for my local team for the cost of one seat at an NFL game. I love that I can watch nearly any soccer I game I want from any league in the world on ESPN, FSC or GolTV. I love that the US players are hard-working, honest guys who play for each other and hustle until the last whistle. I love that I can listen to podcasts from the US or the UK about the World Cup or read post-game analysis from all corners of the world. I love that when my kids met midfielder Stuart Holden just weeks before the World Cup, he treated them with genuine respect and affection. I love that our underdog team can beat mighty Spain and draw over-rated England.

I’m afraid if soccer ever does “blow up” in the US, so much of what I love about the game in the US won’t be true any more.