Quote For The Day II

“Our critics don’t get it. In Jenin, we went house-to-house and sent 23 soldiers to their death. But if we’re going to be called war criminals no matter what we do, then maybe that changes our thinking,” - Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to the US, threatening more military action less scrupulous than the Gaza bombardment.

This point just baffles:

"If the U.S. had an Israel in the Persian Gulf it might not have had to land troops in Iraq twice over the last two decades. Israel is the indispensable nation.”


The pro-Israel lobby's latest fixation is a sudden demonization of Turkey. Eli Lake's latest really is a doozy. The only explanation for Turkey's horror at Gaza - shared by countless observers in the civilized world - is, for Eli, Islamization. Eli can write an entire article without ever referring to Israel's actions these past ten years, and using the Washington Times to send a warning to Turkey that AIPAC now sees Turkey as an enemy. And if AIPAC sees you as the enemy, who in Congress, do you think, could possibly demur?