Palin: The Power And The Glory


Those who believe that Sarah Palin has quit politics or does not have a future in elective office have some 'splaining to do. If she's irrelevant, why the following statements from last night:

"Her decision to get - and stay - involved in the race here in South Carolina was a huge boon to our campaign, because it caused a lot of South Carolinians to take a second look at a rising in the polls but once-little known state legislator who was fighting to give them back their government,” Haley spokesman Tim Pearson said of Palin. ...

“Governor Palin’s endorsement was integral to the success of our campaign,” Fiorina spokeswoman Julie Soderlund told POLITICO. “She provides the ‘good housekeeping seal of approval’ for conservative, outsider candidates. After earning her endorsement we saw an immediate spike in support for Carly amongst conservatives, who represent the vast majority of Republican primary voters.” 

There was some hope that her recent endorsement misfires might signal a declining appeal with the base. Nuh-huh. She owns the GOP base. The most hopeful inference is that she wants to be a queen or king-maker - and not the queen herself. And that makes sense as long as you ignore every single thing she has ever done in her life and career.

(Photo: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks at RECon 2010, the International Council of Shopping Centers' annual global retail real estate convention, at the Las Vegas Convention Center May 23, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. By Ethan Miller/Getty Images.)