Obamacare: Where's The Bump?


Gallup checks in on the popularity of the healthcare bill. Age is a major factor:

New Gallup polling finds that Americans remain about equally divided in their reactions to Congress' passage of healthcare reform legislation earlier this year. Seniors -- who were among the most widely opposed to the legislation prior to passage, given their broad satisfaction with the status quo under Medicare -- have not relented in opposing the bill. And while one might expect the highly charged views of partisans to remain fixed, as they have, it is noteworthy that support among independents has not grown.

Ezra Klein has a glass-half-full moment:

The Affordable Care Act is popular among the people it will actually affect, and unpopular among the people who are worried it will harm the much-more statist health-care system they depend on. Extremism in defense of statism is no vice, but nor is it a rousing win for conservatism.