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Niche Blog Of The Day

Shani Hilton profiles Holla Back DC:

Taken objectively, it' amazing collection of often very short accounts of street harassment, written by harassees who are mainly women. They can be as simple as a few sentences describing a man saying things like, "Damn, baby. I thought you were coming to see me. Mmm, mmm." They are sometimes longer tales of harassers saying they want to rape the harassee. And there are stories of men groping and assaulting women....

One thing that nearly all of the posts have in common is an acknowledgement of the effects that street harassment have on women.

Most write that they felt shaken, angry, helpless, or tearful after an incident. They write that it took time for them to pull themselves together. That's the thing I think many men don't understand about the harassment: it completely strips a woman of autonomy and it forces a reaction that lasts long after the incident is over. Many times, harassers are seeking a positive reaction, and when they don't get that, they turn to calling the woman they complimented moments earlier a "bitch." And either way, the woman has been forcibly dragged out of her own thoughts. That's why so many women studiously ignore all strangers on the street, I think. It's a form of insulation from getting shook.