Nathan Baca: Journalist, Ctd

A reader writes:

What this showed to me, above all, is why local news is so important.  It's probably more important now than it's ever been  The journalists working in these markets seem to be more willing to pose harder questions because they have no access to lose.  It makes one wonder if the reporter/stenographers in the national media, especially the White House press corps, ever had the balls this guy has.  And what's sad is that he doesn't even really have big balls, he's just doing his job.  That's what counts for journalistic courage these days: just doing your fucking job.

Another writes:

Baca did a ten-part month-long investigation of the Super Adventure Club and the Anonymous protests. It's the same brand of real journalism and it's riveting viewing. The guy is the real deal, and needs more exposure. Props to KESQ for backing him, too.