Mercede Backs Levi On Palin's Calling Trig "Retarded"

Here's the relevant blog-post:

Have I ever seen Sarah Palin refer to Trig as the “retarded one”?

No I have not personally heard her use that term, but I do remember my brother twice coming home and telling me about it.

So we now have independent confirmation that Palin, after making a huge song and dance about the use of the word "retarded" by Rahm Emanuel to describe - metaphorically - some Democrats, referred to her own Down Syndrome son - literally - as "retarded" in front of him at home. And yet no one in the MSM challenged her on this point when she launched into her Emanuel nonsense, as if her word is somehow automatically more reliable than Levi's - because, er, she's powerful. No one, in fact, has even asked her to rebut Levi's and Mercede's assertion. And no one has yet found an obvious lie in anything Levi has said, while her lies spew out like Deepwater Horizon.

Deference, again. Deference, always. And to give an insight into who really does have power in this situation:

Do I feel safe living in Wasilla?

No. I do not feel that my property is safe, nor do I feel my family is safe.

Amazing how many people say that in private about living under the shadow of Todd Palin. And one reason I remain happy that Joe McGinniss accepted the offer to live next door is that it's an open declaration that he is not afraid.

Bursting that bubble of fear and intimidation is critical to getting at the truth.