Kagan's Flip-Flop

I'm not sure why anyone is surprised that Elena Kagan now renounces her previous view that hearings for SCOTUS nominees should actually explore, well, anything. This is the most conventional careerist you are likely to meet in a town of conventional careerists - you think she's going to take a risk now? Kinsley notes that this reversal is the only one possible for Kagan, since it is the only legal opinion she has ever really expressed. So the one actual opinion we have from this person with no personal life and no actual views on anything is now erased from history. I guess she had no choice given ...  well, I cannot compete with Kinsmo here:

Now she says that, after her own nomination, she was persuaded by Senator Orrin Hatch (and this sentence is already pretty hilarious, no matter where it might be going, isn’t it?)…persuaded, as I say, by Senator Hatch that she should reconsider, which she did.