Jindal Rises To The Occasion

Jesse Zwick thinks Bobby Jindal has matured in response to the oil spill:

The first thing Jindal did right was acknowledge the scope of the catastrophe. This might not seem deserving of praiseuntil one looks at how other Republicans have reacted. Nervous about a populist backlash against offshore drilling, or even growing momentum for a climate billand contemptuous of environmental science in generalmany Republicans have downplayed the disaster. For example, Jindal’s gulf state GOP colleague, Haley Barbour, was quick to urge tourists not to cancel their trips to Mississippi’s beach towns, comparing the deluge of crude to the sheen of gasoline from a motor boat. “We don't wash our face in it, but it doesn't stop us from jumping off the boat to ski,” he told the AP. ...

As a result, Jindal’s drawn flack from some Democrats, like State Representative Sam Jones, who’ve noted that his response doesn’t square with his routine calls for limited government. But emergencies rightly require a departure from dogma, and Jindal seems prepared to spend as much as it takes.

Sounds like he's come long way since that volcano comment.