Israel Derangement Syndrome II, Ctd

A reader notes:

Funny how you mentioned the Irish but forgot the most obvious parallel – Cuba. Our policies towards Cuba are completely controlled by the Cuban community who make up about 0.5% of the total U.S. while the Jewish population is about 2.2%. In both cases a passionate minority with understandable reasons for being so are pretty capable of shutting down rational policy discourse in both parties.

Point taken. It's a real problem when foreign policy is not determined by rational judgment of the national interest but by the sub-rational passions of a small group. Another writes:

Very insightful post.  You mentioned that you had the kind of conversation that "you cannot have on US television".  As a 30-something Jewish man, I can tell you you also had the kind of conversation that we cannot have with our parents and grandparents.

Oh and Barney Frank has indeed criticized the recent outrage. So there's one blast of sanity from a Jewish congressman. I'm sorry I missed that.