Israel Calls Everyone's Bluff


Jim Henley offers some hard truths:

The raid is the latest case of Israel choosing militarism over liberalism, which Beinart identifies as the core issue...

Israel not only no longer faces any enemies who pose an existential threat, it doesn’t even have enemies who can thwart any strongly held Israeli policy aim. No state is going to go to war to “destroy Israel.” I doubt any state particularly wants to. Certainly no state that might want to can do so. But beyond that, no state is going to go to war on behalf of the Palestinians and the Palestinians lack the power to launch an effective war on their own behalf.

Every time Israel takes major, disproportionate action, the “counterproductivity corps” tells us that very soon now Israel’s high-handedness will cost it essential allies, alienate the United States and set the country on the road to ruin. Every time, the furor passes. In particular, the United States has attempted no material rebuke of Israel since the administration of Bush the Elder, and these days barely bothers with rhetorical rebukes...

This is not Israel “shooting itself in the foot.” This is Israel winning. Be for that or against it, but at least recognize it.

(Photo: Benjamin Netanyahu by Gali Tibbon/Getty.)