How Not To Respond To New Media

An example:

The congressman has apologized. Carlos Miller captions:

There is speculation that the “students” were actually republican plants. It doesn’t make a difference if they were the Watergate burglars, they had every right to film him walking down the street and ask him a [political] question. While Etheridge did have the right to demand to know who they were, the videographers had every right not only to videotape him but to not tell them who they were. What Etheridge didn’t have the right to commit battery on the videographer.

Jay Newton-Small asks:

The seven-term Democrat from North Carolina's Second CD is looking pretty safe. He's raised more than $735,000 compared to his closest GOP opponent, Renee Elmers, who has only raised $73,000. Still, I wonder how long it takes the NRCC to make this into a campaign video?