Hillary vs Obama: Round II?

Beinart pops a Republican pipe dream:

It’s easy to see why conservatives would be salivating at the thought of a Hillary primary challenge. Presidents who face serious primary challengesFord, Carter, Bush Ialmost always lose. The last president who lost reelection without a serious primary challenge, by contrast, was Herbert Hoover. But in truth, the chances that Obama will face a primary challenge are vanishingly slim, and the chances that he will lose reelection only slightly higher. No wonder conservatives are fantasizing about Hillary Clinton taking down Barack Obama. If she doesn’t, it’s unlikely they will.

And she won't. Her loyalty and diligence in this administration has really turned around my view of her. Not entirely, of course. But the grace with which she dealt with defeat and the deftness with which Obama won her over are all the more stunning in retrospect.