Getting Shit Done, Ctd

A reader writes:

Bless their hearts, many of my closest friends are hardcore lefties (and -- dare I say it? -- former humanities majors, *sigh*), and I love them with all my heart, but omg, they are getting on my last nerve.  I'm an old yellow dog Democrat, like my daddy and his daddy before him, and God knows I don't like watching the Gulf of Mexico fill up with crude oil any more than they do, but they need to (a) grow up and stop living out of the emotional, lizard part of their brain all of the time, and (b) stop w HuffPo 24/7. 

They all huff and puff about Fox News, but nobody seems to get that MSNBC and HuffPo make their money by scaring people and stirring them up every bit as much. For God's sake, get a hobby!  Go for a walk!  If they're so upset about animals, go volunteer to work at their local wildlife rescue!

Okay, it's lunch time.  I'm ignoring them now...