Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Apropos your belief that the "violence [of the 'activists'] was not fatal to anyone" and their weapons were mere "bric a brac" -- In fact, the "activists" attacked with knives and lead pipes. These weapons were not, to reply to another of your clever evasions, banal implements of the homestead used improvisationally as defensive weapons, e.g., "pitchforks" from the ol' barn. The "activists" were prepared for a bloody struggle, and surely wanted one -- they just hadn't thought through how badly it might go for them. Oh well. They now know Jewish blood, and radical glory, are not cheap after all.

One commando was hurled thirty feet downward from the ship. Several others were stabbed, and one was brained by a pipe. This preceded the use of Israeli firearms. Even you, before your residual Jew hatred took over, were willing to characterize the "activists'" behavior as abhorrent.

The "activists," if in fact they merely wanted to deliver soap and potato chips to the poor Gazans, and not provoke a crisis, could have submitted to a brief inspection and then been on their way. They refused this option offered by the Israelis, because they expected to be lionized by preening anti-semites like yourself. Foolish them. Shameful you.

Their blood is on your hands more than Bibi's. It won't wash off easily.

The activists were not Gandhians. But they were trying to make a legitimate political point about the blockade of Gaza. They did defend their ship from attack in international waters with weapons that may well have been kept on board in case of conflict. None of this can excuse the disproportionate violence unleashed upon them, the death of ten or more, and the inability of the Netanyahu government to operate under any measure of restraint, wisdom, prudence or proportion.