Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Quit classifying the whole tea party movement as people who stood by when Bush and his thugs shit on the Constitution.  They say the tea parties actually grew out of the 2008 campaign of Ron Paul - someone who was very critical of Bush and his totalitarian ways.  There is also a new show that many people are labeling as the tea parties' own TV show: Freedom Watch, hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano.  He is a guy who criticized Bush and his horrendous civil liberty and spending policies. 

Not all the Tea Party people are only in it to be anti-Dem or anti-Obama.  You and much of the media are trying to create a false narrative that groups the whole movement into a group of Bush-loving racists.  Do not forget there is a libertarian wing, and it is the most honest group of people out there.  They are principled, and the R or D in front of a politicians name means nothing to them.  Please acknowledge this and quit stereotyping such a large and diverse group of people.

I do think this sliver of libertarian principle exists out there, which is why I have been very sympathetic to someone like Ron Paul or indeed, Dick Armey, who did show up for duty when Bush shredded core civil liberties and spent like a sailor on meth. This strain does exist and I find it a refreshing - if somewhat utopian - addition to our debate. It is also not motivated by racism or resentment: to take one example: the Northern Colorado Tea Party just canceled an appearance by Steve King because of his racially charged comment about Obama. But what I was describing is a mass movement that clearly did not exist under Bush and is peopled by millions who supported him to the bitter end. Understanding these people's motives is the interesting thing.