Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

"Will Palin retract her lie?  Does the Pope crap on the tortured souls of hundreds of raped deaf children?"

Okay, Andrew.  That deserves the Moore Award.  (Thanks to Bill Donohue, such criticism of the Pope seems to be best qualified as "left wing".  But I'm just as happy to nominate you for the Malkin if you prefer).  The comment about the pope and the sexual abuse victims certainly falls under the criteria of shrill, hyperbolic, divisive, bitter, and intemperate.  Moreover, it is gratuitous snark that's beneath what the Dish stands for: honest, sincere, and thoughtful reflection on the world. 

Also, I'm confused.  The answer to the former question is presumably no; the answer to the former, you seem to indicate elsewhere, is yes. 

It was a South Park reference.