Creepy Ad Watch

A reader writes:

I was relaxing in my room on a trip to Mexico, watching an episode of "House" on Mexican cable television, when lo and behold a voiceless advertisement comes on the screen that I found so incredible I immediately thought of your creepy ad watch category. I hopped up to see if I could find it on YouTube and there it was:

Cheezy background porn music and a naked couple sitting in what appears to be a jacuzzi hot tub.  The jacuzzi bubbles are going in full force.  Then the woman slowly gets out of the tub and brings the man an unidentified pill (an upper? ecstasy? some other aphrodisiac?).  As soon as he downs the pill, the bubbles stop, and the box of Luftal medication appears on the screen with the words "Elimina los gases." It was then that I fully realized with some horror that what was being pitched was an advertisement for medicine to control farts. 

Mexico!  Gotta love this country!