Cheneyism Lives! In Israel.

Ackerman feels that Netanyahu is snubbing most of the American electorate and banking on the support of white evangelical Protestants:

Not even George W Bush was as aggressive a unilateralist as Benjamin Netanyahu, whose foreign policy has shown disinterest in maintaining warm relations with traditional Israeli allies – even including the United States – if it means reducing Israel’s freedom of action against the Palestinians.

For decades, Israel lamented its international isolation and sought to reverse it, even if most Israelis retained a tragic scepticism about whether the world would ever embrace them. But Netanyahu’s government practically wears the world’s contempt as a badge of Israeli virtue.

Spencer is even more blunt over at his blog:

What Netanyahu doesn’t get is that the U.S. is a global hegemon. In a realist sense, we can afford to make the mistakes the Bush Doctrine guaranteed we’d make and still emerge with much of our geopolitical influence and power intact. That doesn’t work for a country that isn’t a superpower. Israel’s military is almost entirely dependent on the United States. Israel might try to diversify its geopolitical sponsorship situation, as Netanyahu appears to be exploring by hugging Medvedev, but Israel simply doesn’t have the ability to influence Russian or Chinese or Whoever’s decisionmaking to the degree that it can influence America’s. And the broader fact is that Israel cannot contemplate a geostrategic situation without a big international benefactor anyway. That makes the impact of the consequences of an adapted Bush Doctrine far more acute.

But the broader point is that the political vectors compelling Israel down a path of inadequate and dangerous national strategy are intensifying. Those are the wages of a democracy, and particularly a democracy with a weird parliamentary system that rewards factionalism. It also means however banal this may sound that ultimately a change in strategy must come from a resurgent realist/liberal political coalition within Israel. And that coalition is presently in eclipse.