BP's Damage Control


Copyranter tears out two newspaper ads - one from the NYT (above) and another from the WSJ:

We will make this right? Sorry Beyond Petroleum, but that shrimp boat has already left the dock. Note the added "We will get it done" for the NYT ad. And the initial caps in the WSJ headline. It's obvious confusion is reigning in London about how to ad-spin the "spill." Not surprising! Knowing how the copy approval process works with large corporations, I can guess at the excruciating hemming and hawing that went on before these pathetic ads were sent to the pubs. They need more hemming and/or hawing. Cutesy logos, though, they got down PAT.

Video version of BP's campaign here. They're gonna have a tough time keeping up with Greenpeace UK's rebranding efforts. And, of course, the Internet's: