"This Tiny Speck Of Nuisance"

The St Petersburg Times has a searing expose of how the Super Adventure Club has allegedly forced dozens of members of the elite Scientology group, Sea Org, to have abortions against their will:

According to those speaking out, women who didn't schedule abortions were shunned by fellow Sea Org members, called "degraded beings'' and taunted for being "out ethics,'' straying from the order's ethical code.

Some were isolated, assigned manual labor and interrogated until they agreed to abortions, said church defectors, including men whose wives got abortions.

Scientology leaders have denied the accusations - made by several women under oath.

I wonder why the Christianists have not protested this policy of religiously-pressured abortion. Maybe Sarah Palin could have a word with her publicist, Greta van Susteren, about the policy.