"The Weather"

The above ad comes from Carly Fiorina, a Republican running for Senate in California. Andrew Exum watches and sighs:

First Carly Fiorina dismisses climate change as "the weather". Then she pokes fun at Barbara Boxer for thinking climate change might be a national security issue. Ugh. Look, we can have a debate about whether or not climate change is man-made or whether or not it is reversible, I guess, but things like polar ice caps melting and creating new sea lanes is most certainly a national security issue. I cannot wait to watch Parthemore or Rogers tee off on this ad, but I will pre-empt them both by directing you to our Natural Security page, their awesome blog, and the two most recent (and excellent) CNAS reports (here and here) on the impact climate change will have on the security environment and U.S. policy.