"Fox News North"

Former Conservative Party spokesman Kory Teneycke is launching a 24-hour news channel in Canada:

His goal was a punchy, provocative, right-of-centre network to shake up what Teneycke describes as the "lame-stream media."

Pareene posts the trailer, "in case you're curious about what hardcore nationalism looks like in the world's most modest country":

Now that they have their own Fox news, Canadians will soon be demanding that their border be sealed, to protect them from the violent and economically unstable nation to the south.

Martin Krossel sees a bump in the road for Teneycke:

Quebecor needs the approval for the new channel from the Canadian Radio-Television Commission. That’s going to be no easy task. The Canadian Broadcasting Act imposes requirements on all broadcasters that, according to the National Post’s Tasha Kheiriddin, forces Canadian electronic news outlets to “provide ‘balance’” and prevents them from challenging many of the [Pierre] Trudeauvian sacred cows of Canadian identity, as defined by the act.” This, she argued makes it “difficult if not impossible” to create a purely conservative news station.