Why Palin Is The Next GOP Nominee For President, Ctd

Larison untangles Tony Lee's case for the former half-term governor:

[E]veryone including her admirers acknowledges that Palin is outclassed by Obama in every area of actual policy knowledge and understanding, but her admirers like that she doesn’t let this get in the way of launching her attacks. She may be a lightweight, but at least she punches above her weight! She is completely out of her depth, but she’s scrappy! This is supposed to be a compliment? Palin’s fans almost universally view Obama as an inexperienced incompetent, yet they routinely compare her to him when confronting the problem that she is less experienced and less knowledgeable than he was three years ago. It can’t be a good sign when even her fans basically hold her in such contempt. ... When even the people who like her do not take her seriously, we can safely say that she has no future as a successful national political candidate. Can we please stop talking about her now?

Meanwhile, Mudflats interviews Geoffrey Dunn, author of the upcoming book, "The Lies of Sarah Palin":

Those inside her own camp are already talking about Palin being elected in 2012. They joke about her living in the White House. And they are already slamming Romney. I have sources in Wasilla and in D.C. who have told me that. Plus I’ve had some internal documents leaked. And Vegas bookies still have her as the GOP favorite. Most importantly, Sarah Palin has an Obama fetish. She is consumed by him. She was devastated by the loss in 2008. She wants a re-match. She thinks that she can beat him in 2012. I also think she believes she has to beat him to satisfy her father. She remains very much Chuck Heath’s daughter.