Roger Ebert posts "Who Killed Bambi?," an un-filmed screenplay he wrote in 1977 framed around the Sex Pistols. Judy Berman plucks out "the 10 most disturbing quotes":

Come on, mum. Give us a kiss.

She does. And then she puts her free arm around him, and they begin the preliminaries of love making. It should be clear by now that this is not the first time such a scene has taken place between them. [...]

9. “There is still some pogo-dancing, as seen before but now the predominant dance is the Grapple, in which the dancers pull each other’s hair, shake each other by the throat, and, in general, come across in a frenzied spasm.”

A word from the artist:

Comments are open, but I can't discuss what I wrote, why I wrote it, or what I should or shouldn't have written. Frankly, I have no idea.

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