A reader writes:

The "Who Killed Bambi?" quotes are a little disturbing, but let's not forget that Ebert also wrote the screenplay to the 1970 comic masterpiece "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls," which is a really great film, if you like cult movies. The Village Voice apparently does, because they named it as #87 on their list of the hundred greatest films of the twentieth century.

Another writes:

Have you SEEN "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls"? That satire is why I trust Roger Ebert TO critique. It is glorious.

A behind-the-scenes trailer above. This quintessential scene is probably NSFW. Yes, I have seen it. Many times - under duress. I think of it as Advanced Gay. I never got it for years, having an uncertain grasp on gay camp. Then I went to indoctrination camp (via a good friend and my husband) and graduated from Intermediate Gay, and was allowed to watch it alongside Grey Gardens.

I still can't stand musical theater, though, and Mary Tyler Moore leaves me cold. Still, with appropriate levels of consciousness alteration, BTVOTD has its moments, though never reaching the true aesthetic heights of "Can't Stop The Music." I guess I will never be a True Gay. Just look at what I wear.

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