What Did She Actually Mean?

Andrew Sprung tries to wrestle some kind of rationality from Sarah Palin's latest magical realism ... and fails:

We are literally in fantasyland, where it's natural to body forth the possibility that Obama has been influenced by oil money and then conjure a Republican president who's received "even less" than Obama but whom the media will assume (as it would have with Bush, who received proportionately more of the industry's dollars, but never mind...) is more influenced than Obama is (was).  And just as the slip about "support by the oil companies to the administration" suggests the opposite of what she purportedly means, so the "even" in "even as much," taken literally, would seem to suggest that Obama hasn't received much from the oil industry. 

It all makes sense in her own head. She has a priori conclusions and reasons through bad grammar and total fantasy to the alleged premises. And this is not a bug for Palin Inc. It's a feature.