Voting Drunk, Ctd

A reader writes:

I’d like to point out to the previous reader about the most recent change to Indiana’s Alcohol laws.  As of just recently, we can IN FACT purchase alcohol on an Election Day.  Still on the books, however, is a ban of purchasing alcohol at grocery stores, convenience stores, and drug stores on Sundays.  That one comes around every couple years or so, and continually gets rejected.

Another writes:

Bars actually were open on Tuesday for the Indiana primaries.  Sorry he missed out.

A scene from the 2008 election:

Poll workers [in Albuquerque] called police after the woman began yelling and screaming at them. When the officers arrived, she had lost consciousness with a bottle of vodka tucked into her waistband. A little checking determined that it was not illegal to be drunk when casting a ballot, but election laws do prohibit liquor at voting sites and creating a disturbance. [...]

Because the woman passed out before inserting her ballot into an electronic tabulator, her vote will be hand-counted.