This Is How It's Done, President Obama


What do you do when as a new government, you inherit a security service with a plausible record of torture and abuse? Do you pull an Obama and whistle onward? Or do you do the right thing?

A judge will investigate claims that British intelligence agencies were complicit in the torture of terror suspects, William Hague, the foreign secretary, said tonight. The move was welcomed by civil liberties campaigners and may put pressure on the Labour leadership candidate and former foreign secretary David Miliband, who was accused by Hague, while in opposition, of having something to hide. Miliband has repeatedly rejected the accusation and broadly indicated that he or his officials may have been misled by foreign intelligence agencies about the degree of British complicity...

Hague will come under pressure to ensure the inquiry is public and comprehensive. He first called last year for an independent judicial inquiry into claims that British officials had colluded in the torture of Binyam Mohamed, the former Guantánamo detainee and a UK resident. Mohamed claimed that he was tortured by US forces in Pakistan and Morocco, and that MI5 fed the CIA questions that were used by US forces.

Yes, a conservative against torture. Because he is a conservative and believes in the long tradition of decency in Anglo-Saxon treatment of prisoners in wartime. Scott Horton comments here.