The Tories Back Reform?

According to Jim Pickard, the Tories are "prepared to whip a referendum on the alternative vote through the House of Commons" but Labour has agreed to immediate action on the alternative vote plus additional electoral reforms. Iain Dale warns:

I am just hearing that the Conservatives have offered the LibDems a referendum on AV. This is exactly what Brown has already offered. The LibDems must surely realise that that's as much as they are going to get, especially as there is not a majority in the Commons for anything more. Listen to Tom Harris on this. He talks sense.

There are two good things which could emerge from a Lib-Lab coalition. One would be almost guaranteed Tory landslide at the next election, which would surely not be long in coming. And a second would be the virtual decimation of the Liberal Democrats as an electoral force.

Time to make your minds up my LibDem friends.