The Right And The Debt

Cameron should be an example here. For all the reasons David Leonhardt lays out today and Jon Chait patiently explains here, we need to make stiff entitlement and defense cuts - but we must also raise some taxes. The debate should not be whether but how - and I agree with Jonah that tax simplification should be the spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down. It's time to end the supply-side craziness, the tea-party looniness and the ideological fixity of Bush-Cheney economics. Obama needs bipartisan support to do the conservative and responsible thing. Which means that the real war for this country's future must be waged within the GOP. I fear, alas, that war is already being lost in the thickets of Southern populism. So the damage that today's Republican party can still do to America's future remains as real as the wreckage it has already accomplished.