The Other Elephant In The Room

A reader writes:

Sestak beats back the entire Democratic establishment supported only by the progressive netroots, guts and the people of Pennsylvania. In Kentucky, moderate Conway beats conservadem Mongiardo, netroots cheers. In Arkansas, Blanche Huds... er Lincoln, one of the left's leading villainesses this season, is forced into to a runoff by netroots hero Halter, who pulls off the neat hat trick of winning the conservative counties! In three marquee Senate primaries progressives beat back establishment Democrats, and arguably preferred stronger general election candidates.

And the big message the mainstream media gleans from the night? ,,,,Democrats must rush to the center, based on a race in a congressional district in Pennsylvania where they hand out tickets if you don't have a dead deer strapped to the roof of your car. Meanwhile, three big progressive victories are obscured by a very very shiny object, now setting off a somewhat painful glare.

Speaking of which, one might be tempted to ask Sarah Palin and the Tea Partiers, "How's that Randy Pauly thing working out for ya?"