The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we compiled extensive commentary from the fourth-to-last day of the British election. Latest electoral projections here. Cameron considered full equality for gays, the Corner chimed in on Cameron, and some British Muslims supported the Tories. Niall Ferguson assessed the UK's finances.

Times Square bomb commentary here, here, and here. We also rounded up perspectives on the politics of the oil spill. Andrew chewed over Mearsheimer's latest take on Israel/Palestine (and addressed Goldblog's take), checked in on the Vatican sex scandal, and compared the GOP's anti-gay posture to its attitude toward Latinos. Reader reaction to Mearsheimer here. More Palin lies here.

Bill Maher stood up for South Park and free speech, TNC challenged Frum over profiling, and a Harvard Law student resurrected the Bell Curve debates. Yglesias award here, Malkin here, and more ugly rhetoric here. Creepy ad here.

-- C.B.