Today on the Dish we compiled the day's commentary on the looming British election. Labour made their final ad pitch, one of their MP candidates knocked Brown, Nate Silver looked at the Tories' nightmare scenario, Michael White taught us a thing about hung parliaments, reader input here, and Wife In The North grew tired of the race. Also, a poor bloke got locked up for merely speaking his mind.

Times Square terrorism updates here and here. McCain sunk even lower, Thiessen itched to torture the bomber suspect, and John Bolton got trigger happy with Iran again. The torture trial in Britain moved forward, the Iraqi government continued to teeter, and a gay soldier wrote to the president. Oil spill coverage here, here, and here. Andrew broached the morality of fossil fuels while Cheney popped over to see his pal, King Abdullah. We also highlighted the other big disaster happening down south.

In immigration coverage, Gerson chastised conservative pundits who rallied around the Arizona law, bloggers critiqued the new revisions, and Max Fisher compared the immigration concerns of Brits and Americans. Thoreau and Dish readers tackled the new Bell Curve controversy, Jon Rauch examined how "family values" play out in red vs. blue states, Robert Paarlberg dismissed organic farming as a solution in Africa, and Andrew thought Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was super gay. Malkin award here. Cool ad here and creepy one here.

-- C.B.

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