The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we rounded up commentary on the eve of the election. The Tories continued to surge, Johann Hari harangued Cameron, the WSJ illustrated Labour's big-government record, Chris Bertram endorsed the party out of class sympathy,  Larison distinguished the British left from the American left, Bernstein kept up talk over electoral reform, and Chris Brooke prepped us for a hung parliament.

In terror talk, Goldblog sized up the perception of the Times Square bomber, Andrew marveled at the madness of McCain and Lieberman, David Brooks gave props to the president's poise, and Steve Coll talked sense. We also learned that a Muslim immigrant had alerted authorities about the bomb.

Palin antics here. More scrutiny of the Arizona law revisions here and here. Even the Phoenix Suns sounded off. DC passed a medical marijuana bill. A horrific video from the drug war here. A forerunner of reparative therapy unloaded some gay baggage. Anna Lappé countered Robert Paarlberg on organic farming in Africa, Tom Laskawy tore into superweeds, and readers contributed to the race debate.

A letter from Nashville here. Epistemic closure watch here. Hewitt award here and creepy ad here. Bear-blogging here and here. Conan expletives here, tea with Tyson here, and kick-ass couch forts here.

-- C.B.