The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we rounded up reaction to the Cameron-Clegg alliance. Andrew sized up Cameron and his similarities to Obama, Clive Crook was skeptical of the alliance, Frum addressed its concern over the debt (US version here), LSE looked at voting reform, and Gideon Rachman remembered the new chancellor.

In other coverage, Palin came out with a new book, Laura Bush came out for marriage equality, and another cartoonist was attacked. Greece update here. Andrew updated us on the latest smearing of Goldstone, Fallows investigated the state of online journalism, Ramesh broached the topic of race in the court confirmation, The Economist stood up for burqas, Packer diagnosed Karzai, Lexington learned from the spill, and Balko followed up on the puppycide video.

Readers continued to dissent over Andrew's view of Kagan, one stood strong with him, others loved our recent tribute to mothers, and another confessed from the closet. Stephen Asma grappled with the soul and Drum discussed his lack of faith. A funny new site for parents here.

-- C.B.