The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew kept the heat on Kagan, a reader turned up the temperature, she continued to be coy, Crist went to bat for her, David Sessions surveyed the Christianists, Serwer joined the race/ethnicity debate, and Kinsley sounded off. In election fallout, Andrew and a reader examined the proposals for electoral reform, the Tories touted their religious and gay diversity, the Brits showed up the US, and the BBC made a funny flub.

Oil spill updates here, here, and here. HCR update here. More on the drug war here, here, and here. The debate over Israel and smears carried on here and here. Get your Palin fix here and here.

In assorted coverage, Leonhardt defended himself on Greece, Sara Rubin looked at the lettuce threat in Arizona, Drum replied to Andrew about atheism and the afterlife, Friedersdorf lovingly hated on NYC, Lewis Black pwned Beck, several more readers added to the burqa discussion, and others rapped about Modern Family. Paternal superhero here. Super creepy ad here.

-- C.B.