Today on the Dish, Patrick Winn reported on the violence in Bangkok and readers commented. Andrew sounded off on the new Iranian deal and looked inward over the Kagan controversy. More details on her emerged. Netanyahu did a good deed and the Church not so much. A big dose of Palin gossip here and a close scrutiny here.

In assorted commentary, Larison gave props to Rand Paul, Reihan was bullish on a conservative comeback, Douthat revised his case for decentralization, Ezra prodded him, Aravosis examined Obama's record on gay rights, Gary Wills conversed over his Catholicism, and Dave Barry talked about his craft.  More on the Zionist crisis here and here.

Readers continued the "Treme" thread and bloggers did so for NYC's alleged tyranny. More life-and-death musings here, here, here, and here. A dispatch from the Cannabis Closet here. Cool ads here, here, and here. Stoner-and-bear blogging here.

-- C.B.

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